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About Me

My design career began with a Lite Brite and a box of half broken Crayola crayons, using my creations to delight my friends and family. In middle school I found some success as a designer of fanfiction book covers, which I created for myself and my friends. It wasn't until after quitting college on my first try and a failed stint in the Army that I even learned the term "graphic design." Since then, I have made it my mission to explore and learn as many facets of design as I possibly can. As cliche as it may be, I consider myself a Renaissance woman. I bring a wide variety of talents, interests, and skills to everything I do. For all its dark sides, I still find the Internet a fascinating place where I can learn new things every day, and I intend to do that until my consciousness gets uploaded into the cloud.

For the particulars, check out my resume.

Interested in working with me? Contact me here. You can also find me online on LinkedIn and Instagram.


2022 SCADDY Honorable Mention for "Apple Watch Free Play" in Emerging Technology

2022 Addy Bronze for "Snapple Elements + Fortnite" in Cross-Platform - Advertising Campaign - Consumer Campaign

2021 SCADDY Silver for "Kettle Chips" in Copywriting


2022 Adobe Certified Professional in Graphic Design & Illustration

2021 Lextant Certification Design Research & Insight Translation

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